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Social scientists join distinguished ranks of national body

Leading social scientists from a range of UK universities have joined the ranks of “distinguished” scholars at the national body for the study of social sciences.

The Academy of Social Sciences has awarded 28 experts the title of Academician – marking out social scientists from academia and the public and private sectors whose work is deemed to be outstanding by peers.

The organisation currently has more than 900 Academicians from a range of disciplines – including education, geography, social work, gerontology, law, sociology, economics and psychology.

Scholars receive the status after a peer group has reviewed the standing and impact of their work. Academicians are then entitled to put letters 'AcSS' after their name.

The full list of new Academicians:

Professor Peter Alldridge, Drapers' Professor of Law, Queen Mary, University of London; Professor Jan Baars, Professor of Interpretive Gerontology, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, the Netherlands; Professor Suzy Braye, Professor of Social Work, University of Sussex; Professor Stephen Briggs, Professor of Social Work, University of East London; Professor Phillip Brown, Distinguished Research Professor in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University; Professor Mick Cooper, Professor of Counselling, University of Strathclyde; Professor Roger Cotterrell, Anniversary Professor of Legal Theory, Queen Mary, University of London; Professor Brigid Featherstone, Professor of Social Care, the Open University; Revd Canon Professor Leslie Francis, Professor of Religions and Education, University of Warwick; Professor Susan Gathercole, Professor in Psychology, University of Cambridge; Professor James Goodwin, Visiting Professor in the Physiology of Ageing, University of Loughborough, and Head of Research, Age UK; Professor Owen Hargie, Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ulster; Professor Iain Hay, Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Human Geography, Flinders University, South Australia; Professor Jacqueline Hodgson, Professor of Law, University of Warwick; Professor John Heritage, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA; Professor Alan Irwin, Professor in the Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; Emeritus Professor Robert Lindley, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Warwick; Professor Corinne May-Chahal, Professor of Applied Social Science, Lancaster University; Professor Glynis Murphy, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Disability, University of Kent; Professor Rory O'Connor, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Glasgow; Professor John Pinkerton, Professor of Child and Family Social Work, Queen's University, Belfast; Professor Denise Rousseau, HJ Heinz II University Professor of Organizational Behavior & Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA; Professor Peter Shirlow, Professor of Conflict Transformation, Queen's University, Belfast; Professor Bernard Silverman, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Home Office; Professor Carl Stychin AcSS, Professor of Law, City University; Emeritus Professor Fran Wasoff, Emeritus Professor of Family Policies, University of Edinburgh; Professor Alison Wearden AcSS, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Manchester; Professor Robert Woods AcSS, Professor of Clinical Psychology of Older People, Bangor University.