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Sheffield University to lead Brexit impact study

The University of Sheffield is to lead three major research projects exploring the long-term governance implications of Brexit.

The projects are part of a £3.5 million programme of studies commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council examining the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, including on the country’s constitutional arrangements, public service provision and delivery and economic performance across different places and sectors such as agriculture industries.

Professor Tamara Hervey, from the University of Sheffield’s School of Law, will co-lead a project with Queen’s University Belfast looking at post-Brexit governance in an area that was critical in the referendum debates: health and the NHS.

In a second project, Dr Ruth Little from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Geography, in collaboration with the Universities of York and East Anglia, will explore agri-environmental governance post-Brexit and the co-production of policy frameworks.

The third project will be led by Dr Katherine Davies, from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Sociological Studies, who has been awarded an innovation grant for a project exploring Brexit, relationships and everyday family life.