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Royal Society launches gold open access journal

The Royal Society has announced it is launching a new open access science journal which will make all material freely accessible online immediately on publication.

Royal Society Open Science will also accept papers with negative results, often shunned by publishers.

The peer reviewed journal will publish papers from a range of scientific disciplines including life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, engineering and computer science.

It will use the “Gold” open access model – where papers are made freely accessible online immediately, with costs funded by the papers’ authors and institutions. This contrasts with the “Green” model, where papers are kept behind a paywall for a certain length of time before being made available to the public, meaning that journal subscribers still cover the costs of publishing.

The Government and Research Councils UK (RCUK) have stated a preference for the Gold model as part of their open access policy, which aims to make all publicly-funded research freely accessible to all by 2017.

The Society has said the journal will accept papers with negative results, which have traditionally been less widely published than positive results which prove new hypotheses and connections.

Each article will have a suite of article-level metrics and encourage post-publication comments, the Society added.

The editorial team will consist entirely of practicing scientists, and the journal will accept direct submissions as well as articles referred from other Royal Society journals – such as Philosophical Transactions, Biology Letters and Proceedings.

Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society, said: “The publishing model is continually evolving and it’s important that the Royal Society’s own journal offerings do so too. We are delighted to be publishing this exciting new journal.

“We hope the Royal Society Open Science demonstrates our continued support for open access publishing and a commitment to publishing research that benefits science and humanity.”