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QAA review finds confidence in UK TNE in Malaysia

A review by the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), working with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), has found that UK degrees offered in Malaysia are generally both relevant to the local market and employment needs, and meet the expectations of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. 

Malaysia is the second-largest host country for UK TNE, and UK degree-awarding bodies are the main TNE providers in the country as a whole, with over 50 per cent of all non-local programmes leading to a UK degree. 

QAA’s review identified a number of themes for reflection – such as the inclusion of the student voice – across the branch campus, franchise, and validated dual awards provision. 
As higher education globally adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining the UK’s commitment to high-quality transnational education is important in order to continue delivering for students, it said.

Vicki Stott, Executive Director of Operations, said: “This is really positive news for the sector, and highlights how UK TNE provision in Malaysia provides students with a high-quality experience. It’s been achieved through an investment in staff development; systems to enable the student voice to be heard and responded to; effective communication and partnership relations; and recognition of the local context. These qualities will support UK TNE provision as it moves into a post-pandemic world.”