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LFHE announced development project awards winners

The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education has announced the nine winners of awards for small development projects and innovation and transformation projects which were each worth up to £10,000.

The winners were from the universities of Lincoln, Liverpool, Roehampton, Sheffield, Southampton, Edinburgh Napier, Northampton and Strathclyde.

Dr Lesly Huxley, director, Membership and Organisational Development said: "Competition for project funds was again very strong, with three times the number of proposals received than could be funded, and the quality of ideas and approaches very high. Some of this year's projects build further on earlier work through the Innovation and Transformation Fund, others provide a fresh look at issues of diversity, the impact of action learning and governance. Access to funding is one of the benefits of membership of the Leadership Foundation; in previous years this investment has produced some excellent toolkits and practical resources as well as filling gaps in our knowledge on key issues in the sector. I look forward to launching the outputs of these new projects in 2017."