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Leicester launches “unique” forensic doctoral training programme

The University of Leicester has announced it is launching a £2.4 million doctoral programme believed to be the first to focus on training and research in forensic science.

The Interdisciplinary Training and Research Programme for Innovative Doctorates in Forensic Science (INTREPID Forensics) has been funded by the EU Marie Curie Innovative Doctoral Programme grant and will allow ten early career researchers to train as forensic scientists.

The researchers’ projects will cover a range of disciplines including Genetics, Criminology, Chemistry, Psychology, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Pathology, and Immunity, Infection and Inflammation.

It has been funded by a grant from the European Union’s People Programme of the Seventh Framework Programme.

Dr Lisa Smith, project coordinator from Leicester’s Department of Criminology, said: “This funding provides a great opportunity for early stage researchers to study at a world class university, and engage with a truly unique training programme during their PhD research degree. 

“The research secondments and input from our industry partners will enrich the training programme, and prepare these students for successful careers as the next generation of forensic researchers.”