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HEi Planner Help

About HEi-planner

HEi-planner is designed to provide you with a customisable forward planning resource. It presents a rolling 6 month calendar of forthcoming HE-related events, reports and funding opportunities.


Calendar and List view

The planner can be viewed in Calendar or List mode. Click on the orange icon towards the top right of the page to toggle between these.

In Calendar view, to see what is happening on a particular day, click on the date and all the items will display on the right of the calendar. Numbers in circles on the calendar show how many items there are for that day. Green circles indicate that new items have recently been added.

Click on the arrows above the calendar to scroll between months.

In List view, you can see all of the planner items for a particular month, week, or day. Click on Show All for the full month, or choose This Week or Pick a Day. Where there is more than one item for a particular day, these will all appear below a highlighted dateline in the listing. When there are more items to view, scroll between pages clicking on the circled numbers or arrows at the top or bottom of the listing. To scroll between months, click on the arrows above the listing.

Horizon scanning is enhanced by listings on our Watching Brief page. This lists items that are expected in a particular month but where the exact date has yet to be confirmed. The HEi-know team keeps a watching brief on these items and slots them into the correct date on the HEi-planner as soon as this is known. Some Watching Brief items will be moved to later months when an organisation puts back publication of a report or timing of an event.


Features of items in Calendar and List view

In both Calendar and List view, recently added items appear in bold text. Items with a highlighted background are promoted events, reports or funding opportunities from HEi-know partners. Contact us if you wish to add a promoted item to the planner – there is no charge for partners.

A link to further information about an event, report or funding opportunity is provided with each item where this is available. When a Briefing Report has been published on a report or event, a link to this will also appear with the planner item.



Above the planner in both Calendar and List view, you will find the filter function. Click on the arrow to open and close the filter options. Filters enable you to select the categories of items you are most interested in that you wish to view on the planner. For example, if you tick the International filter, then only international items will display. To save your filters for your next visit, click on Save Selection. These filters will also control email alerts if you have chosen to receive these, so that you only receive alerts on new items added to the planner that fit your selected interests.