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"Having professional journalistic coverage of our live Leicester Exchanges debates is a real boon.  Media FHE's journalists are able to summarise complex arguments and produce a lucid report rapidly after the event.  These are tailor-made for placing straight on the web providing an insightful overview of proceedings at our events.  They are very much valued."

Ather Mirza
Head of Press and Corporate News
University of Leicester



"Media FHE provided comprehensive coverage of the China sessions at the
British Council's Going Global conference, which is one of the largest
and most high profile events in the international higher education
calendar. Their work is highly professional and I would recommend their events service."

Jazreel Goh
Director Education Marketing China
The British Council





Media FHE’s team of education journalists has a wealth of experience in events coverage and profile-raising for you to tap into.

If you have an event that you want to promote or would like to reach a wider audience than just the delegates attending, Media FHE can help in the following ways:

Before the event:

• We can identify aspects of your event that may be of interest to the media, and help prepare PR materials to help raise its profile. We can also help with contacting relevant journalists.

• We can advertise your event on the Media FHE website and highlight it on our HEi-planner forward planning calendar, accessed by our HEi-know partners and drawn to their attention through associated email alerts.

During the event:

• We can provide one or more journalists and/or a camera crew to cover your event with written reports for web/email/publication, and/or video footage.  If you wish, we can also interview speakers, panellists or delegates.

• In addition, we can produce a conference briefing as part of our HEi-know Briefing Reports series, or cover your event on the Media FHE open news pages.

• We can help look after the needs of any journalists attending your event.

After the event:

• We can help develop and disseminate any stories or information that emerged during your event.

• We can help handle any follow up media enquiries.


Please contact us for further information or a quote.