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“Consumerist” students demand to know more on how they will be taught

Students feel that universities do not provide enough information about how much teaching they will receive from well qualified academics, a survey has discovered.

Today’s students have a “consumerist” outlook and expect to receive good quality teaching in small groups in return for their tuition fee investment in a university education, says a report on the findings published by the Quality Assurance Agency.

But a survey conducted by researchers from King’s College London found that most students felt when choosing courses that institutions failed to make it clear what teaching was on offer.

The study also found students were dissatisfied with feedback from academic staff on their work and are “constantly disappointed” by the provision and use of technology on campus.

Students see higher education as a pathway to enhancing their careers, and greatly value internships, work placements and other programmes that will increase their chances of gaining a graduate job.

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