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Briefing Report 433 DFE - Independent panel report to the Review of Post-18 Education and Funding

The independent panel for the Post-18 Education and Funding review, led by Dr Philip Augar, has published its recommendations to Government in this report.  The “Augar Review”, commissioned by Prime Minister Theresa May in February 2018, aimed at “ensuring a genuine choice between high quality technical, vocational and academic routes”. In its 216 pages, the report considers the purpose of post-18 education, and makes recommendations covering further and higher education, skills training including apprenticeships, lifelong learning, and student finance and debt. Its recommendations are based on eight guiding principles set by the panel.

The panel was chaired by Dr Philip Augar, the financial services expert and author and former equities broker. Its other members included Professor Sir Ivor Crewe, Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, Professor Edward Peck, Beverley Robinson OBE and Professor the Baroness Alison Wolf. The panel consulted students, universities and FE colleges, employers, sector experts and other stakeholders.

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