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Bids invited for new transatlantic research partnerships

A new international programme will provide grants of up to £150,000 for UK and US-led research partnerships on “globally significant” issues – including energy and the environment.

The Global Innovation Initiative, launched on October 28, will fund international, interdisciplinary collaborations on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects.

It aims to award at least 20 grants for research projects dealing with energy, environment and climate change; agriculture, food security and water; global health and wellbeing; and urbanisation.

The project is funded by funded by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the British Council in the UK, and the Department of State in the US.

UK-led partnerships will be able to apply to the British Council for grants ranging from £100,000 to £150,000 via: http://global-innovation-initiative.org/. Bids from American institutions for US-led partnerships are also being invited in a parallel competition via the Institute of International Education.

Martin Davidson, CEO of the British Council, said: “It’s a win-win-win situation. Critical thought, academic freedom, and excellence in scholarship are the hallmarks of the British and American higher education systems.

“These are the strengths this project aims to share with universities in the developing world. The Global Innovation Initiative will allow our nations to pool and extend our networks of friendship and history for mutual benefit.”

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