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A fifth of graduates baffled by career decisions

Nearly a fifth of graduates are unsure how to progress their career, a survey has found.

 When asked about their current career plans, 18% of graduates said that they were unsure about how to take them forward. Many responding to the poll by Graduate Prospects said they felt confused and overwhelmed, and were uncertaint about what to do next or how to reach career goals.

To help work out their next steps common activities cited by students were looking into taking a gap year and work abroad as well as browsing job vacancies and postgraduate courses. 

 Nan Sherrard, careers advisor at Graduate Prospects said: "Spending time browsing the internet for potential opportunities without a focus can be futile and lead to more confusion over what to do for the best. I urge
graduates in this position to seek help from their university careers advisors who will be able to offer support and help work through options. Careers services are often available up to two years of leaving university and sometimes longer.  

A lack of action after leaving university is often down to graduates underestimating their skills, he added.

"They can have little understanding of how to translate experiences into the language of work, particularly if they
haven't had much work experience. Graduates can also have felt very safe at university and leaving that community after three years to find themselves plunged into the big wide world of work on their own can be

Graduate Prospects, which gathered responses from 559 graduates in its survey, advises taking part-time or voluntary work and not restricting applications to graduate jobs, as well as seeing a careers advisor and considering what wider skills you have to get a career on the move.